International workshop with Debra Myhill

November 17th, 2021


The MetaLearn project was very happy to have Professor Debra Myhill of the University of Exeter as our guest for a workshop on 17 November. Professor Myhill has run several research and teacher development projects focusing on the development of writing skills in language learners, including a body of work on learners’ metatalk on their writing processes. The project team enjoyed working sessions with Professor Myhill in the morning and afternoon, with a general discussion of project aims and progress and a more specific discussion on the methodology to be used for eliciting metatalk among the students in the intervention phase of the project. Between the two working sessions, Professor Myhill also gave an open talk entitled, ‘Writing Metatalk: Fostering Understanding about Writing and Being a Writer’. The open lecture was organized in collaboration with the AALM research group.