A life-long interest in maritime industry

Pooya (39) from Iran is studying Master in Maritime Operations in Haugesund.

-I believe the combination of HVL’s strong reputation along with my industry experience can lead to gaining such a valuable experience for me under this master program, says Pooya.

After finishing his BSc in Mechanical Engineering in Tehran, Iran, and some years working in the offshore industry Pooya decided to follow his highest passion and eagerness in nautical industry and therefore applied for the master program in Maritime Operations.  

Continuous education and enhancing knowledge 

Pooya had years of experience from the offshore industry before he wanted to develop more knowledge by choosing a Master in Maritime Operations:

-As we all know, working in offshore conditions could be considered as one of the most hard and stressful jobs where a simple mistake or error could simply lead to intolerable resulting and irrecoverable disaster. I think the mentioned catastrophic could be appreciably reduced by improving continuous education and enhancing knowledge through Master program offers in the related academical programs such as maritime operation.

He describes the importance of knowledge in several different aspects of maritime operations and hard training:

- As a rig engineer on jack up drilling rig in offshore, not only technical matters, but also, I have got involved in other aspects of offshore organization such as logistic, provision, check marine safety equipment along with safety officer monthly, weekly safety drills. From my view, it is hardship and field experience which could teach me to work and get focused on the defined tasks.

Pooya highly recommends the master program, especially to those who are interested in maritime and offshore industries:

- I believe that studying in maritime operation program would be as a catalyzer for students to chase up their dreams in nautical atmosphere. I am definitely sure that in the near future we will hear more about the HVL’s breakthrough in both academical and industrial aspects in the international scales.

Close relations to the offshore industry 

As a master student in maritime operation in HVL, another interesting point is that there are some high profile and reputable industrial companies here in Haugesund in volved in offshore fields.

-To me, as a fresh student, I guess it might be a little soon to judge about this program, but I can easily feel that there would be a lot of promising views for the students in this master program since the university can play as bridge role to connect the students to the industrial environments.

After finishing his studies at HVL Pooya doesn’t rule out the possibility of staying in Haugesund close to the offshore industry.

-I also hope I could find my dream job at the subsea operation field and put my theoretical gains from HVL in practice. Following up the complementary studies at PHD level at HVL could be another favorable option.

Student in a pandemic

Due to the Corona situation Pooya had to face a everyday in a new city with cancelled social activities, but he stays positive and always sees the glass as half full.

-To me, each life condition has its own meanings and a lot of new lessons to be learned. However, I am still able to enjoy campus facilities in Haugesund as well as some student creational activities such as walking in nature, barbeque and so on. Haugesund is a very beautiful city with nice local inhabitants so I could make many good friends.

Because of COVID-19, the most of courses are being held online.

-But HVL enjoys the experienced and valuable teachers who can fill up this gap and keep students involved. In the classes, a lot of theoretical issues have been put forward for students and encourage them to discuss about them in the team work and eventually guide the student to gain the desirable results.

Regarding his future, Pooya can see himself living in Haugesund permanently:

-To be honest, my future job condition would define my living location but personally speaking, I would really like to set up my life in Haugesund. I truly love its magic tranquility, incredible natural sceneries as well as very friendly, nice local people. Everything is available at short distance.