The Western Norway University of Applied Sciences is open for transfers once a year. The application deadline for admission for the autumn semester is 20 April. Admissions for transfer are open to both external and internal applicants.

You can apply for a transfer if

  • your programme of study correlates with a course that HVL offers
  • there is capacity available

If there are more applicants than available places, the applicants will be ranked.

Important dates

1 February - Søknadsweb opens
20 April - deadline for applying
1 July - deadline for forwarding documentation if you are already on a programme of study

How to apply

You must register your application through Søknadsweb. 


If you are already a student at HVL, you will not need to upload any documentation with your application.
If you are applying to transfer from another institution, you must upload, at a minimum

  • your transcript of records from your current academic institution,
  • certificate of upper secondary education,
  • the course descriptions of the courses you have taken,
  • the course descriptions of the courses for which you are registered for the spring semester,
  • the curriculum/course overview for the programme you are/were enrolled on.

Points calculation

If there are more applicants than available places, your points will be calculated in the same manner as done by NUCAS for admissions, unless otherwise specified. Your score is calculated based on the grades you achieved in upper secondary school. Any additional points will then be added to that.

You can read more about how we calculate your score on the NUCAS admission pages.

If there is a tie between two or more applicants, applicants with the right to study at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences will be given priority over other applicants.


If you are in doubt as to whether your education correlates with that which HVL offers and/or whether your application for transfer has been approved, you can apply through the regular NUCAS admissions process. After you have been admitted to the programme, you can apply for accreditation of the previous courses you have taken that align with those that HVL offer.

If you can’t find the course you want to transfer to through the Søknadsweb portal, it may be because there are no available places for the year you are looking to apply for. You can apply as normal through the NUCAS admissions process, but you will not have the right to move directly into the second, third or fourth year if there are no available places. If that is the case, it may be that you will either need to wait until there is an available place or until your year group catches up. 

Read more about accreditation here.

Regulatory framework

Admissions Office