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RE6-1005 Hospitality & service management

Course description for academic year 2023/2024

Contents and structure

Hospitality is all about making people feel welcome. This course focuses on the role you will have as a host, no matter what kind of business you will run like accommodation, restaurants, attractions, activities or other.

The course will include service, service delivery , "moment of truth". Communication. It will also give insight to challenges and possibilities within service and how to handle conflicts. In addition - focus on service quality from both the customer and business perspective.

Hospitality is all about interaction and co-operation between host and guests and this course will include how to be a good host, possibilities and challenges as a host in businesses and at a destination level as well as in crisis.

People from all over the world will meet in the tourism industry, both guests and staff and factors like cross cultural management will affect the service delivery og knowledge around this will be an important part.

Lectures and business visits. Study trip to Lærdal and Flåm will be offered.

This course will prepare the students for practical placements/internship and other courses later in the bachelor.

Learning Outcome


Students should

  • Have good knowledge about central issues, theories, methods and tools within hospitality and service.
  • Assess knowledge around research within hospitality.
  • Assess knowledge around the history, traditions and uniqueness of hospitality in society.
  • Assess knowledge around central challenges and processes within hospitality.


Students should be able to

  • Use their knowledge and theory around practical questions and solve this as best practice
  • Reflect upon their own assessments and adjust according to guidance.
  • Assess, analyze and refer to information and literature which solves issues within hospitality.
  • Manage relevant tools and techniques within hospitality.

General knowledge

  • The student should be able to reflect upon the customers expectations to service and their tolerance , what the customers perceive as good service and customer satisfaction.
  • Should reflect upon how to build great customer loyaly and relations plus service culture among employees.
  • Should reflect upon the power relations between customer and business, especially in sense of reviews and other digital channels.

Entry requirements


Recommended previous knowledge

Introduction to tourism

Teaching methods

Lectures, group work, field work, study trips, etc.

Compulsory learning activities

Up to 3.


Individual home exam, 5 days.

Grade: letter A to F