A person sitting on a rock and looking at the view over the fjords and mountains.

From Mountain to Fjord - Geology and Ecology of Western Norway

Semester programme

Explore the geology and ecology of western Norway! From Mountain to Fjord is an environmental course focusing on interdisciplinary natural science with a main emphasis on the geology and ecology of Western Norway.

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    Admission and how to apply

    Admission requirements

    At least 90 ECTS credits, i.e. 1.5 years of academic study at the time of the application. Credits should have been gained within one of the fields of life sciences/ecology, earth sciences/geography, environmental sciences, or similar. Alternatively, participation in the HVL 'GeoHazards and Climate Change' programme would qualify for admission to the 'From Mountain to Fjord' programme.

    Teaching semester: Autumn

    The location of the campus gives access to a variety of eco-systems, ranging from alpine through lowland to a marine fjord environment. This landscape offers a unique natural laboratory for fieldwork and research.

    The course provides you with the competence to critically instruct decision makers on how to improve the reliability of an ecologically based interpretation of environmental and climate change by simply adding geological long term information.

    The course consists of three main modules:

    Teaching methods

    We have lectures, exercises, fieldwork and laboratory practice. In addition, a science project will be performed throughout the whole semester.

    The language of instruction is in English.

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    Schedule 2024

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