Introduction to teaching and learning in university education

Part 1 of the program for basic competence in university pedagogy

The course provides an introduction to the field of teaching and learning in higher education. For those who take the course to document educational competence, the assignments from here can be used in the folder that will give you the documentation that is reqired.

The autumn of 2023

No basic course will be organized in the spring of 2023, the course will only be organized in the autumn of 2023. You can take the course in Norwegian or English. Registration will open on March 1 st. 

Teaching methods

Discussion, student activity, lectures, study groups, self-study, colleague guidance and online learning methods

Compulsory learning activities

Colleague guidance and participation in the two mandatory intensive sessions.

Course description

You will find further information in the course description for HSPED801 Introduction to teaching and learning in university education.