Sustainable Leadership

We are pleased to welcome you to this unique combination of adventure and opportunity, to increase your expertise in sustainable management. The course is based on the leadership role, and inspires and supports leaders and leadership talents in developing as sustainable leaders!

Statsraad Lehmkuhl

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    Course fee NOK 39,000

    Information about the course can also be found on the Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry pages here

    Admission to HVL

    The course is part of Statsraad Lehmkuhl's circumnavigation One Ocean Expedition. The leg goes from Tokyo (Yokohama) to Okinawa (Naha) in Japan. During the crossing, the participants work as active participants in the crew on board, in combination with course activity. This combination of course and sailing offers unique experiences and relationships. Together you will experience challenges as they come, operate one of the largest and most sustainable sailing ships in the world and have a unique nature experience. 

    The content of the course is based on relevant theory, which form the foundation for a broad understanding of sustainable management. For example, Hargreaves and Fink (2006)'s presentation of seven basic principles for sustainable management is included.

    In the initial phases of the course, participants learn about what sustainable leadership is, and how this management philosophy has been understood in the literature. Then, the aim of the course is to allow participants to explore sustainable management "from the inside out"; The participants co-create an understanding of sustainable management - and what opportunities and challenges exist within this concept. What does sustainable management mean in my organization?

    In collaboration with the other course participants and skilled instructors, the individual is challenged to further develop their leadership identity and leadership role in a sustainable perspective. Some examples of reflection could be questions such as:

    • In what way can I, as a leader, contribute to the constructive and sustainable development of the organization and its environment, locally and globally?
    • How can I as a leader contribute to the constructive development of my employees?
    • How am I perceived in the leadership role?
    • What challenges and opportunities can leadership in a sustainable, international and diverse setting bring about? How can I as a leader meet these in a good way?

    Course timeline

    • 05.09.22 - Digital workshop
    • 14.09.22 - Lectures and workshop in Yokohama/Tokyo. Participants embark Statsraad Lehkmhuhl for their first night on board
    • 15.09.22 - Statsraad Lehmkuhl sails from Yokohama
    • 24.09.22 - Arrival, Okinawa

    After the voyage, it will be possible to participate in an academic module which, together with the course, gives 10 credits.
    Requirements for taking the exam are Higher Education Entrance Qualification. 
    Examination fee for the module is not included in the course fee.

    Terms and conditions

    Registration / cancellation

    Upon registration, you pay an advance of NOK 3,900 (10% of the total course fee of NOK 39,000).

    Free cancellation and refund of advance until 01.03.2022. An invoice for the remaining amount of the course fee will be sent after this date.

    Included in the complete course fee:

    Courses, accommodation, food and drink on the sailing ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl 14.09.-24.09.2022.

    Not included

    Travel to Yokohama, from Shanghai, hotel accommodation before / after the voyage. Travel insurance, possibly a visa and more.

    Examination fee for the module that gives credits is not included in the course fee.


    Western Norway University of Applied Sciences / Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry is not responsible if airline tickets have to be canceled / changed.
    We recommend participants to wait for the purchase of airline tickets until after New Year 2022.

    Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, changes may occur at short notice.