The war in Ukraine and HVL

HVL follows developments in Ukraine closely and is ready to provide help and support. This is an information page that will be updated regularly.

HVL has students and staff from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. We are concerned with taking care of students and staff who have been affected by the war. Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian students and staff should feel safe and taken care of. 

HVL has its own emergency response group for coordination and handling of Ukraine-related matters. Director of Organisation Tage Båtsvik is the leader of the emergency group. Employees and students are followed up by faculties, departments and units.

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28.3. update: Students affected by the war may have to cover the cost of living. The government has therefore established a scholarship scheme for the spring semester 2022, which will ensure that students can complete their ongoing studies in Norway. HVL will make direct contact with the relevant students and provide support and help.

13.2. update: In a letter dated 10 March, HVL replied to the Ministry of Education and Research that we are ready to provide help and support in the difficult and unmanageable conditions that lie ahead. We have mapped available study places and opportunities for rapid upscaling of English-language teaching and Norwegian language training. HVL has also signaled the appointment of Ukrainian researchers and academics. In the letter to the ministry, HVL emphasizes that there is a need for national facilitation and good coordination on the part of the government on the war in Ukraine.

4.3. update: The Norwegian government freezes research and education cooperation with Russia.

HVL supports Universities Norway's (UHR) condemnation of the Russian attacks on Ukraine. HVL also follows advice from the Ministry of Education.

bilde av  Rector Gunnar Yttri on the situation in Ukraine

Rector Gunnar Yttri on the situation in Ukraine

Russia's invasion is a gross violation of international law and the hostilities must end immediately. We have special concern for students and colleagues at Ukrainian universities and colleges. We closely monitor developments in Ukraine and are very aware of the support we can provide.

“We must maintain a sensible and truth-seeking dialogue. We must, for example, be able to place the responsibility for acts of war with responsible authorities and not let entire ethnic groups suffer. It is our responsibility to ensure that stigmatization and discriminatory categorization do not take place. We have staff and students with bands to not only Ukraine, but also to Russia and Belarus, and to neighboring countries. They all need to be taken care of these days. We can all help make everyday life easier”, says Rector Gunnar Yttri.

“We can each do our part. Taking the time to listen has a special value for both students and staff these days”.

“In a war, propaganda will be part of the warfare. In our time of social media, we all have a role to play. It is especially important that everyone takes an active responsibility for not spreading misleading or untrue information”.

“We know that our own employees and students can feel extra turmoil and grief these days. Both HVL and the student organization Saman therefore facilitate support for those who need it”.

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