Guidelines for remuneration and salaries for students

These guidelines are instructive for HVL, so that students are treated and remunerated in an equal manner when they participate in various councils and committees and/or are hired by HVL for teaching assignments, appointed as custodians etc.

Many students at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) participate in various councils and committees during their studies. Other students are hired as custodians and library custodians. There are also circumstances where students are given teaching assignments in connection with lectures, conferences etc. or enter into a contract as part-time teacher (auxiliary teacher/teaching assistant) for a limited period. This requires somewhat different practices regarding remuneration and salary. The following categories apply:

Council and committees

Participation in permanent councils and committees at HVL is remunerated according to the State salary scale. Preparation time is counted as equivalent to the length of the meeting, and the hours are paid consecutively.

The following councils and committees are remunerated:

  • University Board
  • Board of Appeals
  • Suitability Assessment Board
  • Nomination Committee
  • Learning Environment Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Research and Development Committee
  • Coordination Committee
  • Research Ethics Committee
  • Language Policy Committee
  • Council for Cooperation with the Labour Market (CCLM)
  • Council for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Faculty Council
  • Library Council
  • Study Programme Council
  • Campus Council

The University Board must at times establish committees on an ad hoc basis, where student representatives shall also participate. These committees are remunerated in the same manner as permanent councils and committees.


Students must apply for these positions and an employment contract is entered into with the student. New custodians are remunerated by direct placement in occupation code 1078, Officer with one year’s seniority (equivalent to salary grade 25). Holiday pay is additional.

Library custodians and students hired for other assignments

A contract of employment is entered into with students who are remunerated by direct placement in occupation code 1078, Officer with one year’s seniority (equivalent to salary grade 25). Holiday pay is additional.

Teaching assignments, auxiliary teacher and teaching assistant

Students hired as auxiliary teachers, teaching assistants and/or are requested to give presentations during seminars, conferences etc. must enter into a contract with HVL.

Students under this category are remunerated according to salary grade 35, basic salary in occupation code 1019, Research Assistant. To cover teaching, hours for preparation and supplementary work, the number of teaching hours are multiplied by a factor. The factor is established by HVL in relation to the type of teaching assignment (factor 1.5-3, where 3 is mainly used for lectures/presentations). Holiday pay is additional.