KINDknow - Methodological design

To achieve its aims, the centre will provide opportunities for research with kindergartens and other partners, across diverse regions in Norway and internationally.

As sustainability is a core value globally (UN) and in the new framework plan for kindergartens in Norway, to be integrated into all activities in kindergartens, there is a need for new research methodologies particularly participatory research methodologies that will inform and remake practices.

Some research projects will specifically aim to evaluate and develop intervention studies in which new practices will be developed and evaluated by children, families and staff in collaboration with researchers. For example, intervention projects will be conducted based on values for sustainable futures and planet earth such as rethink-remake practices will be explored in relationship to their possibilities for increased equity, social justice, diversity as a resource, children's agency, cultural heritage and belonging.

Research of this kind on kindergarten practices will explore how to co-create an educational setting that gives children possibility to be explorative and agentic and how children' s exploration can contribute to their development. Our research will extend knowledge on how diversity can be considered a resource in kindergarten practices and in relation to kindergarten leadership.


Methodological design

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