Educational competency

In accordance with HVL’s strategy, the “University shall build competency and capacity to become a university with a clear professional and working life-oriented profile. This will be ensured through strategic competency development and targeted recruitment, where we will further develop a strong professional and academic environment for education, research and administration.”

In conjunction with the establishment of programmes of study, periodic evaluations and yearly follow-up of programmes of study (discussed under quality of programmes of study) will assess the educational competency associated with each individual programme of study. Educational competency is also a part of the faculty management’s assessment of quality, and a factor in the assessment of the programme portfolio at the institution.

Strategic competency enhancement includes systems for competency enhancement of staff members, education management and administrative personnel. This includes both pedagogical, didactic, digital and practical training competency.

The University is also developing a system for meriting lecturers. Documentation from the quality assurance system work can be included as a basis for evaluation.