Learning environment

HVL’s strategy declares that we must have a stimulating and accessible learning environment which is diverse, international, and inclusive

 The learning environment is defined as follows in section 4-3 (2) of the Universities and University Colleges Act:

 "The learning environment are those conditions that affect students' opportunities to acquire knowledge, and which are of importance for students' physical and psychosocial health. A holistic learning environment includes the physical, digital, organisational, pedagogical and psychosocial conditions as part of the holistic learning environment. The Ministry may in regulations lay down further provisions concerning requirements regarding the learning environment.”

The learning environment at HVL includes all factors that may impact students’ opportunities for acquiring new knowledge. In addition to ensuring good student welfare, a good learning environment shall also ensure that students receive good instruction, guidance, involvement, and ownership of their own learning, in addition to the continuous improvement of physical, psychosocial, digital and organisational needs.

The learning environment at HVL as an education institution is crucial for ensuring that students achieve the desired and expected learning outcomes, and for promoting good health and well-being. One goal is for the learning environment to encompass the diversity of the student body, regardless of gender, ethnic background, religion or functional abilities. All students have equal rights but different capacities and needs for participating in the learning process. Focus on including as many as possible in ordinary solutions through universal design, thereby reducing the need for special solutions, is an important task for the learning environment at HVL.

Administrative management at the faculties and joint administration units are responsible for preparing process descriptions, as well as follow-up and improvement of processes to ensure that HVL maintains high quality administrative support functions that impact the learning environment by ensuring the necessary competencies, efficient processes and good information systems.