Strategic ambitions and overarching goals

We have three strategic ambitions and six overarching goals for the period until 2030.

Professional and career-oriented education and research

We will continue to strengthen the quality of our education and research to support a well-functioning society and to develop the Norwegian welfare state. Our education and research are integrated and career-oriented. This is the cornerstone of our efforts to build people and society and to contribute solutions to the challenges facing society.

Goal 1: Our professional and career-oriented programmes of study will cover the needed skills for the future

We will strengthen our range of high-quality programmes with comprehensive courses of study up to and including PhD level. Our programmes will be flexible and adapted to students in different phases of life. It shall be possible to have shorter programmes recognised as part of a degree. Prerequisites for success include a high number of qualified and motivated applicants, as well as high matriculation, and we are making targeted efforts to improve recruitment, relevance and availability.

We have a stimulating and accessible learning environment that is varied, international and inclusive. We emphasise student-active learning and teaching methods that engage and promote both in-person and online learning. Students take part in research, which improves the quality of our study programmes. Several of our programmes offer internships and project collaboration with our partners.

Goal 2: Our research will be of high international quality and help to shape society and professions

We will strengthen our research by further developing our existing research environments and by building more nationally and internationally competitive research environments. Interdisciplinary research will be developed and prioritised. We will engage in research in collaboration with professions and society at large, increase external research funding and intensify our efforts to promote open access to research.

The research will be applied in our study programmes and make a difference in society and the marketplace in Norway, as well as internationally. Talented researchers and qualified research managers are given opportunities to develop and drive research forward in their fields, which in turn will make us more attractive both as an employer and as a partner.

Our research activities.

A strong innovator

High levels of expertise and diversity among our staff and students, our large geographical expanse and close relationships with the labour market and greater society make us an important innovator. Our innovation work contributes to social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Goal 3: Our interaction with the labour market and society at large will be characterised by responsible innovation

Responsible innovation is a key factor in developing a sustainable society with new, green and competitive jobs and in improving quality in the public sector. Our employees build innovation capacity through research and education, as well as in co-creation with our partners in society and the labour market. We make it easy for staff and students to apply their knowledge to produce new or improved products, services and methods.

Goal 4: Our organisation is characterised by a drive for improvement

We organise our activities to ensure high quality in our core activities, user-friendliness and efficient, sustainable operations. We aim to be an appealing employer that attracts, retains and develops competent and accomplished employees. By making changes and improvements in our own organisation, we will strengthen our assets for the benefit of both the university itself and our partners.

Responsible innovation.

An ambitious force in society

As a university with a professional education and labour market-oriented profile, we promote scientific thinking, academic freedom and knowledge-based decision-making. We are Western Norway's inclusive, growth-minded and collaborative multi-campus university. We are the region’s preferred knowledge partner and enjoy distinct credibility and a strong reputation.

Goal 5: We are a co-creative university with vibrant campuses that take on a clear role at the regional level

We utilise the potential inherent in our presence across the region and strengthen our role in regional development. We take a leading role in co-creation with professions and greater society, and the high international quality of our research and education makes us a strong bridge-builder and preferred partner. We will develop the multi-campus university and make use of the advantages that collaboration within and across campuses brings. We will strengthen all of our campuses as attractive places to work and study, and they will be characterised by diversity, a high academic level and a culture for co-creation and learning.

Goal 6: We share knowledge by actively contributing to the public debate

We set the agenda and communicate knowledge from and about our subject areas. We highlight the knowledge we generate by participating in public debate. Our staff and students have academic integrity and an awareness of research ethics. We have a clear Norwegian Nynorsk language profile, and we will work actively to promote Norwegian as a recognised scientific and academic language.