Getting to Bergen

From the airport

From Bergen Airport you may take the light rail called 'Bybanen'. Get off Bybanen at the stop called Kronstad if you are going to Campus Kronstad. Get off at the stop called Florida if you are going to Campus Møllendalsveien. A ticket with Bybanen costs approximately 38 NOK and takes 34 minutes to Kronstad or 45 minutes to the city centre.

There are airport buses running between the airport and the city centre. These do not stop at any of the campuses. A ticket with the airport bus costs approximately 100 NOK.

A taxi from Bergen Airport Flesland takes approximately 30 minutes to Kronstad, depending on traffic. You may choose different taxi companies. Taxi between the airport and the city centre costs approximately 400-600 NOK.

From downtown

The easiest way to get to Campus Kronstad, is to take the light rail, Bybanen, to the stop called Kronstad.

You can also take Bybanen to Campus Møllendalsveien. The nearest stop is called Florida. Bus number 21 runs from the city centre bus station (bystasjonen) and stops at Campus Møllendalsveien. The stop is called Strømmen. Bus number 12 runs between the suburbs of Landås and Fyllingsdalen. It stops at campus Møllendal on the way.

Travel planner with Bybanen