Student organisations in Haugesund


Samfunnet runs the student pub in Haugesund, called Stødden. Thursdays are Quiz nights. In addition, there are concerts, theme-parties, and game-nights. They try to hire various bands, and in that way provide something for everyone. Theme parties are being held about once a month with different themes every time.

Student Scuba club

This club is comprised of active students with a passion for diving. If you are a diver yourself, or would like to become one, you are more than welcome to join. As a member of the student scuba club, you will be able to borrow scuba equipment for free, and at the same time get to join in on the many trips and activities the club arranges.

Haugesund Students’ Sports Association

Haugesund Students’ Sports Association offers the students in Haugesund the opportunity to participate in different kinds of sports together with other people who want to exercise in the spirit of sports.  The association currently offer football (soccer), floorball and volleyball. All the teams are currently active in the series of their respective sports.


StudKick is an organization that works specifically towards providing students at both Stord and Haugesund campus beautiful and memorable trips with focus on nature and outdoors activities. The tours are varied and they aim to have trips where anyone can attend anything. In addition to hiking trips, you can also join StudKick to surf or weekly indoor climbing.

ØSF (The Business Students’ Association)

The Business Students’ Association is an organization for business students at Haugesund campus and aims to improve student life through engaging, educational and career-enhancing measures, seminars, courses, guest speakers, company visits, socializing activities and career days. 

The NITO Students (Engineering students)

NITO Studentene is a nationwide student organization with 21 active local chapters at colleges and universities around Norway. NITO Studentene at Haugesund Campus has an annual career day, with visits from over 20 companies. Typical guests are Gassco, Aibel, and the fire department. In addition, they organize several company presentations during the year. This gives businesses the opportunity to come and present their company and the students get an insight into everyday life at different potential workplaces. They also have some company field visits, where students go to companies and look at plants and offices/workplaces.

MAST (Maritime students)

MAST is the maritime students’ interest organization in Haugesund. In MAST, they promote maritime students' theoretical, practical and social interests. Among other things, MAST has a sailing club.

International Students’ Union (ISU Haugesund)

Campus Haugesund’s most recent addition, this club focuses on the social, academic and political interests of all international students studying in Norway. It is an independent, democratic, non-profit, non-partisan organisation run for and by international students. However, Norwegian students are members as well – they don’t discriminate against local students.