Electric bicycle loans at Campus Stord

Here are the rules for electric bicycle loans at Campus Stord.

Stord Service and Informations Centre manages the loan of 2 electric bicycles to students at Campus Stord. Loans and returns are handled during their opening hours: 09:00-13:00.

Electric bicycles are equipped with a tracking chip that can be activated when needed, e.g. if the e-bike is stolen. The time and date for the loan and return must be registered before loaning the bike, and the maximum loan period is 24 hours.

Before use
Complete the form “Rules for loaning electric bicycles at HVL Campus Stord” at the Services Centre. You will be given a bag with a helmet (if you haven't already got one), battery, user guidelines and a key for the electric bicycle. The Service Centre will show you how the electric bicycle works.

We recommend you to take a look at look at Traffic rules for cyclist in Norway. Remember to use the bicycle light after dark, so the cars can see you, and to avoid a fine! (Information in Norwegian).

When in use
Electric bicycles can be found at the B entrance. When using one of HVL’s e-bikes, you must always wear a helmet and follow norwegian public bicycling rules. The bikes must always be locked when not in use. Lock the bike to a bicycle stand or similar, if possible.

Note! Electric bicycles have a motor. If you have never tried an electric bicycle, we recommend that you practice on campus before cycling into an area with traffic.

When you are done
Always lock the electric bicycle to the bicycle stand under the roof at the A entrance. Return the bag containing the helmet, battery and bicycle key to the Services Centre during opening hours. The Service Centre will charge the battery to prepare the bike for the next user.

You can reserve the bike on Time-Edit.

At your service at Stord

E-mail: servicetorget@hvl.no

Phone number: (+47) 55 58 58 00

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 08.00–15.00. (From 15.9. to 14.5.: 08.00–15.30)