Students outside the servicecentre at campus Stord

Getting to Stord

Arrival at Stord airport:

  • take a taxi to Leirvik to bus terminal or the whole way to Stord Campus.

Arrival at Bergen airport:

  • take the airport bus to Bergen city centre and then take a bus, Kystbussen, to Leirvik bus terminal.
  • take a boat from the airport to Leirvik harbour.

Arrival at Haugesund airport:

  • take the airport bus or a taxi to Haugesund bus terminal. A taxi takes about 15 minutes and costs approximately NOK 400-500.
  • take the bus Kystbussen to Stord (Leirvik bus terminal)

Arrival at Leirvik bus terminal/harbour:

  • take the bus from Leirvik bus terminal to Stord Campus.

Map over Stord and Haugesund and ways to get here