Digitized Heritage: Sustaining Local Traditions

The Nordic Network for Music Education (NNME) will be holding its annual symposium and intensive joint Master course during the first week of November 2020.

This year, due to the pandemic, it will be an entirely online event, hosted virtually by Camilla Kvaal at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.

The theme for this year is Digitized Heritage: Sustaining Local Traditions.

We have received positive responses from notable experts who will serve as invited speakers for this online NNME event, including prominent researchers based in Australia, China, Kenya, Germany, and elsewhere. This unique event will also feature Nordic and Baltic keynote speakers and projects, and ongoing thesis research developed by the Master student participants.

Videos of highlights from the Keynote presentations are posted below (open access) as NNME outreach to the music education profession. Participation in NNME courses for full credit (with presentation of ongoing research and commentary) is available to a limited number of Master students, but additional students participate in a virtual poster session.

Videos of Highlights from NNME 2020:

Catherine Grant’s Keynote, NNME 2020

Emily Achieng’ Akuno’s Keynote, NNME 2020


Boh-wah Leung’s presentation for Keynote Panel, NNME 2020


Adam Switala’s presentation for Keynote Panel, NNME 2020

Juniper Hill’s presentation for Keynote Panel, NNME 2020

Keynote Speakers:

International Keynote Panelists:


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The network includes the postgraduate programs for music teacher education across the eight Nordic and Baltic countries, and for more than 20 years it has been coordinated by the music programs at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.

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