With its coastal zone, Western Norway has access to all the resources and opportunities the sea provides. The government aims for an increase in the extraction of resources from the sea by 2050. This demands extensive sustainable development.

Collaboration partners

Through our collaboration with clusters, arenas, and blue industry we work together to find sustainable solutions for the use of ocean resources. Here you find some of our selected collaboration partners.

GCE Ocean Technology

GCE Ocean Technology was established in Bergen in 2006. It is an industry driven initiative within ocean technology with more than 120 partners and members. The cluster develops and supplies innovative ocean technology within a wide range of applications. HVL is a partner in the GCE Ocean Technology cluster, which is one of three Norwegian GCE clusters of companies easily competing with the best in the world.

NCE Maritime CleanTech

NCE Maritime CleanTech represents one of the world’s most complete maritime commercial hubs. The cluster focuses on establishing sustainable innovation projects and work together for a new maritime solution.

HVL is closely involved in developing world-leading technologies for the maritime industries.

NCE Seafood Innovation

NCE Seafood Innovation cluster aims to contribute to sustainable seafood growth by focusing on innovation. They want to impact the industry to drive digital transformation and improve fish welfare.

Arena NOSCA Clean Oceans

Arena NOSCA Clean Oceans is an innovation cluster focusing on transferring their technology, knowhow, and competence from 45 years of oil spill experience to the unwanted effects from algae and to ocean plastic. NOSCA Clean Ocean is working on solutions to solve global marine pollution. HVL collaborates closely with NOSCA Clean Ocean on research and education.

Arena Ocean Hyway Cluster

Ocean Hyway Cluster is Norway's leading network for hydrogen-based fuels in maritime applications. By sharing knowledge about markets, players, and technology, cluster participants are provided with new insights, and collaboration across sectors and businesses breaks down barriers and stimulates innovation. HVL works together with the business community and clusters to develop and disseminate knowledge concerning a green maritime future with focus on hydrogen, and they offer various courses in Hydrogen Technology.

Arena Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster

Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster aims to be the strongest supply chain for floating offshore wind globally. Norway has a solid petro-maritime supply chain and is as such well positioned to obtain and hold a world-leading position. HVL works closely with clusters in western Norway, including the Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster. Offshore wind will be an important part of the future energy system, and HVL is including offshore wind as an important part of their maritime education.

Other collaboration partners