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Nature Agency. Teaching Children’s Literature through Dialogic Practices

(International Conference
New Directions in Children’s Literature Research, University of Padova)

Picturebook dialogues about environmental and social (in)justice

Climate aware curriculums and reading practices are urgently needed both in school and higher education. As part of a mobility project focusing on enhancing the quality of teacher education by strengthening student teachers’ and staff’s ecocritical thinking and collaboration competency, the students developed experience-based teaching plans for primary education on how to connect literature activities with reflections on and dialogues about environmental and social (in)justice. This curriculum article presents five of these teaching plans in the format of infographics and explains the educational context and relevance of them.

By Nina Goga, Maria Pujol-Valls, Rebecca Agostini, Debora Carolo, Giulia Nai, Giulia Silvestrini, and Ilaria Sardella

Keywords: Ecocritical dialogue, children’s literature, infographics, teacher education, UN Agenda 2030

Pujol Valls, M. & Graell, M. (2023). Children’s rights and citizenship values in a book selection for young readers. Revista Complutense de Educación, 34(2), 243-252. 

Book and object exhibition at HVL - February 2024