In our vodcasts you will find videointerviews with some of our researchers and practicioners talking about different aspects of SciTalk.

Everyday science talk in kindergarten

In this episode pedagogical leader of Bråtveit nature and culture kindergarten, Astrid Wallem Hagen, talks about how she manages to have good quality science talk in everyday situations in her kindergarten.


Science talk in an indoor environment

In this episode math and science pedagogue at Espira Pi-parken Oda Bjerknes talks about how you can achieve good science talk with children in an indoor environment.


Reflecting on science talk with children

In this episode PhD candidate Inga Margrethe Fagerbakke talks about her and her kindergarten students' reflections around science talk with children.



In this episode professor Margareth Sandvik and assistant professor Cato Tandberg discuss anthropomorphism in conversations with children about natural science topics.


Here-and-now language

In this episode professor Margareth Sandvik talks about the importance of the here-and-now language in science talks with children.


The concept of wondering

In this episode professor Margareth Sandvik and assistant professor Inger Kristine Jensen talk about the concept of wondering, and how you can wonder together with children in science talks.


Epistemic stance

In this video professor Kati Hannken-Illjes talks about epistemic stance, what it is, and why it is important to consider as you talk about natural science with children.


Why study your own science talk

In this episode SciTalk researchers Inga Margrethe Fagerbakke, Carlien Nijdam and Henriëtte op den Brouw talk about their experiences working with preschool teacher students who reflect on their science talk with children.