Teacher Education Network

The Teacher Education Network is an open network for institutions offering initial teacher education, early childhood educations or bachelor programmes in social educations and pedagogy.

The network started in 1990 as a bilateral cooperation between two institutions and has since grown and now includes 11 institutions in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The network has a special focus on aesthetic subjects and comparative education.

The purpose of the network is to increase the cooperation between the partner institutions through student and staff exchanges and to develop new intensive courses involving students and teachers from all partners.

Recent projects

The 2020–2022 project Innovative and sustainable aesthetic methods for citizenship education: Climate Challenges (ISAMCE-CC) has been postponed due to the pandemic.

2016–2019: Innovative and sustainable aesthetic methods for citizenship education: Nordic and Baltic perspectives (ISAMCE)

The aim of this project is to develop skills and competencies related to citizenship; such as the capacity for communication and dialogue, the capacity to live with others, to recognize and accept differences, sharing narratives, critical thinking, and participation by working in an aesthetical collaborative learning approach.

'Freedom' was the subtitle of the project’s intensive course part 1, successfully organized in Copenhagen, Denmark in April 2017. A second Intensive course with the subtitle 'Equality' was completed in April 2018 in Reykjavik, Iceland. The third course 'Brotherhoods/sisterhoods – Solidarity’ completed in Stockholm, Sweden in April 2019.

Aslaug Furholt was coordinator and project manager from 2019.

2011–2015: Mythology, culture and identity in the Baltic and Nordic countries

The project started in 2011 with an intensive course with the subtitle Norse Mythology through music and arts in Reykjavik in Iceland. The second course with the title Norse mythology through drama, dance, music and visual art was organized in Bergen, Norway in September 2013. The third and last course had the title Autumn equinox celebration - Baltic and Nordic cultural identity through traditional seasonal celebration and took place in Riga in September 2015. All three courses were very successful. See project description, reports and films.

Assistant Professor
Department of Arts Education

Torunn Bakken Hauge was network coordinator and project manager 2012–2017