Associate Professor

Matthias Paetzel

Field of work

Doctor degree in marine geology from the University of Bergen, Norway.
Specialized on the investigation of recent (0-150 years) and Holocene environmental change as recorded in marine sediments of mostly fjords and coastal regions, and in freshwater sediments of lakes.
International coordinator at the Department of Science and coordinator of the international study programme "From Mountain to Fjord".

Courses taught

  • GE408 Mineralogy and petrography
  • GE476 Geological aspects of Western Norway
  • 478 Fjord processes
  • Basic geology, Technische Hochschule Bingen, Germany
  • Geological aspects of climate change, Van Hall Larenstein Instituut, The Netherlands

Research areas

  • Pollution
  • Human induced environmental change
  • Natural environmental change
  • Climate change
  • Holistic approach to marine sedimentology