Abdul Quddus

Field of work

At present I am a professor of organization and management in the Department of Business Administration. I have been lecturing and engaged in research activities at different universities in Singapore, Malaysia and Norway for more than two decades. I earned both M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in the discipline of Administration and Organization Theory (Public Adminitration) at the University of Bergen.

Courses taught

  • Technology Management 1 and Ethics (MOØ222)
  • Management Theories and Practices (MSB110 from H2022)
  • Organization Theory 2 and Digitalization (ØAO018)

Research areas

  • Organization and Management
  • Globalization and Governance
  • Digitalization and sustainable development
  • Politics, administration and organization in the Muslim world

Research groups

Research Group on Sustainability and Green Innovation at HVL:

Selected publications

  • Policy and Strategies for Quality Improvement: A Study on Chittagong City Corporation, Bangladesh

    Quddus, Abdul, Ahmed, Nisar U. (2019)
  • The Role of Leadership in Promoting Quality Management: A Study on the Chittagong City Corporation, Bangladesh

    Quddus, Abdul, Ahmed, Nisar U. (2017)
  • Quality Reform in Malaysian Higher Education Governance: “Identity Formation” or “Knowledge Shopping”?

    Quddus, Abdul, Ahmad, Khairil I. (2015)
  • Power Configuration in the Muslim World: Exploring the Post-WWII Era

    Quddus, Abdul (2012)