Associate Professor

Bård Erik Bogen

Field of work

I work as an associate professor at the masters programme in clinical physiotherapy, where I teach courses in movement science, biomechanics, exercise science and physiotherapy in acute and in subacute and longlasting musculoskeletal disorders.

I also teach at the bachelor programme in physiotherapy, in geriatrics, movement science and assessment and treatment of orthopaedic conditions.

I also work at the rehabilitation lab at HVL, with both research and teaching.


Courses taught
  • MAFYS101: Body, movement, health and disease
  • MAFYS320: Exercise science and biomechanics
  • MAFYS521: Physiotherapy for traumatology and surgery
  • MAFYS531: Physiotherapy in subacute andlonglasting musculoskeletal disorders.
Research areas
  • Motor and cognitive functioning in older adults
  • The use of exergaming and virtual environments in rehabilitation
  • Return to sports and activity after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Research groups