Bodil Elise Ravneberg

Field of work

I am a political scientist working with how services are organised and facilitated for citizens. Important issues in ny research are policy development, cooperation and coordination for social particiapation, diversity and integration. My work consist of analyses of different policy areas, often in a historical perspective, within education, welfare and public health issues. Development and changes within welfare- and care ideologies, history of the school system, assistive technological solutions, professionalisation processes, organisation perspectives and changes in how receivers of services are viewed have been central. Theoretical I have worked with profession theory, organisation theory, historical sociology, democracy theory, school and educational history, social capital as well as political and social participation and user involvement. Methodologically I have mostly worke with qualitative techniques for data collection, but also quantitatively to some extent.

Courses taught

  • Bachelor in public health: urban planning, methods in data collection, organisation theory, welfare state development
  • Social and political science in GLU
  • PhD: theory of science 

Research areas

  • Local community and health promotion
  • digital technology and inclusion
  • Assistive technologies and professions
  • Prejudices
  • Integration of vulnerable children and youth into education and local communities

Research groups

Diversity and integration group.


  • Preservice teacher perspectives on teaching controversial political issues in multicultural classrooms in Norway and South Africa

    Ravneberg, Bodil Elise, Rangnes, Toril Eskeland (2022)
  • Mot en kontekstuell forståelse av fordomsbegrepet.

    Faye, Reidun, Lindhardt, Eva Mila, Ravneberg, Bodil Elise (2021)
  • Hvordan forstå fordommer? Om kontekstens betydning – i barnehage, skole og samfunn

    Faye, Reidun, Lindhardt, Eva Mila, Ravneberg, Bodil Elise, Solbue, Vibeke (2021)
  • Bokbad på Litteraturhuset i Bergen: Kristoffer Vogt i samtale med redaktørene Marie von der Lippe og Bodil Ravnebergn Fordommer i skolen: gruppekonstruksjoner, utenforskap og inkludering (2021). von der Lippe, M. (red.). Oslo: Universitetsforlaget. Hvordan forstå fordommer? Om kontekstens betydning – i barnehage, skole og samfunn (2021). Bodil Ravneberg (red.). Oslo: Universitetsforlaget.

    Lippe, von der, Marie, Vogt, Kristoffer Chelsom, Ravneberg, Bodil Elise (2021)
  • Funkisbevegelsens identitetspolitikk

    Ravneberg, Bodil Elise (2021)
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