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Eigil Hole Lønning

Eigil Hole Lønning
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Field of work

PhD candidate at the program for Studies of Bildung and Pedagogical Practices, employed at the department of Pedagogy, Religion and Social Studies. My subject areas are rhetorics, discourse theory, critical pedagogics, critical reform studies, enactment theory, education politics, education ideology, political theory, sosiology of knowledge, bildung philosophy, education history, and philosofy of science. 

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Research areas

For the time being I am submerged in the work on my PhD thesis, which has been granted the following working title: The rhetoric and didactical practices of the five year teacher education - a study on a reform's political theory, critical mechanisms and reform life in practice. The intention here is to compare the formative rhetoric behind the introduction of obligatory five year teacher education in Norway, with the practice and discoursive context the reform meets when it is attempted to be translated into a political reality.

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