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Eli Natvik

Eli Natvik
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ANG, ANG1083

Field of work

I am a teacher and supervisor for students in the Master's programs in Collaboration and Public Health, Clinical Physiotherapy, and the Ph.D. program Health, Function, and Participation. I also collaborate on research and supervise Ph.D. candidates at the University of Bergen (UiB) and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). As a researcher, I have extensive experience in applying foundational thinking in practice-oriented, health science research, qualitative research designs and methods, research communication, and research-driven innovation.

Furthermore, I have developed and digitized a research-based learning resource, Active Clinical Reflection, focusing on the relationship between patients and healthcare professionals in outpatient treatment. My publications can be found on Google Scholar 

In my role as a supervisor and collaborator, I contribute to various projects:

  • NorseImpact - Continous digital care in mental health (Helse Førde)
  • Evaluation of a mobile health intervention for promoting self-management in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (HVL).
  • A structure for personalized self-management support in bariatric surgery follow-up care (Helse Førde/HVL).
  • Personalized and data-driven specialist care. Health services research based on patient data in routine monitoring (Helse Førde).
  • Partnership building in user-led research agenda setting for improved health care services with weight loss surgery patients (UiB).
  • The Weight of Shame. Development and evaluation of treatment options in specialist healthcare for women with eating disorders and obesity (NTNU).
  • Semaglutide in the treatment of binge eating disorder in adults with obesity: A randomized double-blinded clinical trial (Helse Bergen).

I defended my doctoral thesis at UiB in 2015, titled "Carrying the weight of uncertainty: Patients’ long-term experiences after bariatric surgery":

My educational background includes University Pedagogy at UiB/HVL (2023), Postdoctoral Program at the Faculty of Medicine, UiO (2022), Ph.D. in Health Sciences, UiB (2015), Master's degree in Health Sciences from UiB (2010), Pedagogical Supervision from the University College of Sogn and Fjordane (1999), and Physiotherapy education from the University College of Bergen (1996).

I hold extensive clinical experience as a physiotherapist in specialist healthcare (1996-2011), particularly in rehabilitation and intensive/lung physiotherapy. I have held positions in teaching and learning within higher education since 2012.


Courses taught
  • MS1-320 Public Health and Health Promotion
  • MS1-328 Project Plan
  • MS1-307 and MS1-306 Master Thesis, Collaboration and Public Health
  • MAFYS602 Master Thesis, Clinical Physiotherapy
  • PHD903 Research Methodology and Design
Research areas
  • Ethical and Responsible Innovation in Mental Health, User-Participation
  • User experiences with innovation and digitalization of healthcare services
  • User Involvement in Research, application of the Dialogue Model
  • Collaboration between Patients and Healthcare Professionals
  • Patient Experiences, Treatment in Obesity Management
  • Patient Experiences, Treatment in  Mental Health Care Services (Eating Disorders, Borderline Personality Disorder)
Research groups