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Giedre Straksiene

Giedre Straksiene
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Field of work

Giedre Straksiene, PhD, is a postdoctoral researcher in the Global Science Opera, in the context of HVL's University project.

On May 10th, 2013 she was awarded a doctoral degree in the Social Sciences, study field Education. Her PhD thesis is entitled: DEVELOPMENT OF COMMUNICATIVE COMPETENCE OF PRIMARY SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN THROUGH DRAMA-ORIENTED ACTIVITIES.

The main research area focuses on development of communicative competence, various teaching/learning drama methods which are applicable in development of communicative competence. She believes that with and through the arts, learners are able to analyse, understand and perceive learning material in complex socio-cultural approach, and playfull way. A second interest is information visualization and communication, and relationships of this phenomena for contemporary art-science context.

Giedre Straksiene is an expert in the planning and management of national projects focusing in particular on the areas of education and research. For over ten years she has been consulting several private and public bodies on accessing national and international funding opportunities and on project management.

Giedre Straksiene has extensive experience as a project coordinator, and in implementing the following international projects: “Capacity Building” (WTPB 02.04.00-22-017/10-00); “CaMot: Case method of Technology for Practical Use of Training Teachers“(ES-Commenius-C21); „Foster Theatrical Performance to Combat Discrimination in School and Tackle Early Leaving“ (Erasmus + 2017-1- LT01-KA201-035235); CASECreativity, Art and Science in Primary Education“ (Erasmus +, 2017-1-NO01-KA201-034133); “I Have Right“(Erasmus+, 2016-1-FR01-KA201-024133); „Capacity Building for Strategic Youth Policy and Transnational Cooperation“ (STHB.05.01.00-SE-0024/15) and others.

Giedre Straksiene was the coordinator of the organizational and scientific committees of international conferences in the field of social sciences organized by Klaipeda University (Lithuania) every year. She was also a member of the scientific committee for the peer-reviewing of papers submitted for the conferences.

She was also involved as an external expert in quality of study programmes in Drama/Acting/Performing and as an external evaluator in several national projects (Lithuania).



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Research areas

  • Development of Communicative Competence
  • Drama in Education
  • Art and Science
  • Information Visualization