PhD Candidate

Hannah Adriana Isabelle Rønhovde

Hannah Adriana Isabelle Rønhovde
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ALR, 3B9-01

Field of work

Main research areas
I am a Ph.D. candidate researching age-friendly communities. More specifically, I look at how different district municipalities and public and private actors apply the concept of age-friendly communities. This is particularly aimed at the municipality's planning processes for housing and community development, and how their approach to age-friendly communities may be influenced by structural, contextual (geographical, and other) differences. I use qualitative methods (interview and observation), to take a closer look at municipal planning processes. At the same time, I am also very interested in looking at how different housing and local community projects develop in practice, both before (planning phase, during (construction phase), and after they have been completed. I use concepts such as co-creation, RRI, and Placed-based approaches.

The Ph.D. is associated with the program Responsible innovation and Regional Development and will explore how innovation can meet social, economic, and environmental in a rural and regional context.







Research areas
  • Planning processes
  • Responsible Innovation and Regional Development
  • Age-friendly communities
  • Housing and community development
  • Local innovation
  • Rural development
  • Public Sector Innovation
  • Complexity
  • Complex organizations
  • Co-creation
  • Housing preferences
  • Rural research
  • Places