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Marianne Giske Holvik

Marianne Giske Holvik
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ALR, 3B10-03

Field of work

I have a bachelor's degree in nursing and master in nursing science from the University of Bergen, Norway.


Former research topics has been the nursing profession and its relation too the next of kin, especially in home nursing. Now a PhD candidate in an international project: The politics of a changing institutional ecology: coordinating and prioritizing healthcare and welfare services in the municipal landscape (ISP): / project / 686193 /. Funded by NFR.


In short, the PhD study is about the following:


The main goal of the study is to uncover the historical and social conditions for the introduction of «trust reforms» in Norwegian municipalities, as well as to highlight how this form of management / organization affects the home nursing practice in a given municipality. The study is based on the assumption that both political and societal structural changes in Norway and the introduction of market-liberal efficiency strategies in public health have played a role in the reforms that have been developed and introduced in municipalities and that these govern practice in home nursing, and for how nurses and other employees position themselves and for how users expect services to be offered to the individual. The assumption will be examined in the light of the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu's (1930-2002) field analysis. The study uses the strategy by empirically using registrant analysis of public documents that can shed light on the research questions, and other sources such as informants employed in the municipality in various positions. Historization is a key methodological measure to uncover origin and development / changes (breaches) as well as the conditions that underlie changes that can contribute to explaining positionings from the various positions in the field. That is, current practice.

Research areas
  • nursing
  • "trust reform"
  • the next of kin
  • home care
  • governance
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