Associate Professor

Mette Kusk Gillespie

Field of work

I am a geophysicist with speciality in ground penetrating radar measurements of snow and ice thickness on glaciers. I have a strong background in geophysical and glaciological field studies and have collected data in Antarctica, the Andes, Greenland, Svalbard and Norway.

I teach an introductory course in geology and a bachelor course in applied geophysics. In addition, I contribute towards a course in glaciology at UNIS, Svalbard (AG325/AG825).


Courses taught

  • Introduction to geology
  • Applied geophysics

Research areas

  • Glacier dynamics as measured in geophysical field investigations and modelled by numerical ice flow models
  • Recent changes in climate and associated variations in ice masses and global sea level
  • Glacier hydrology, in particular seasonal changes in glacier drainage systems
  • Glacier surface processes, in particular conditions leading to the development of blue ice areas

Selected publications