Postdoctoral Fellow

Nathalie Puaschitz

Field of work

I am working as postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Care Research, Western Norway in collaboration with SEFAS, University of Bergen (UIB).

I am an educated nurse with 20 years of working experience, both the hospital and muncipalities. Additionally, I am educated human nutritionist (Phd) with a background in epidemiology related to coronary heart disease. My research is mainly based on quantitative data analyses.

Currently, I am a researcher for the LIVE@home.path trial at SEFAS (UIB), with focus on assitive technology and telecare in home dwelling people with dementia. The LIVE@home.path study is an stepped wedge and randomized controlled trial in Bergen, Bærum and Kristiansand municipality. 280 persons with dementia and their caregivers are included to complete the LIVE (Learning, Innovation, Volunteering and Empowerment) intervention. The main aim of the study is to investigate the impact on resource utilization in dementia care (RUD) and caregiver burden. 


Courses taught

  • SYKB100 - nutrition
  • SYKB120P - praksislærer
  • TVEPS fasillitator
  • Assistive technology and telecare in dementia

Research areas

  • Assistive technology and telecare / E-health
  • Dementia care

Research groups