Field of work

Rogardt Heldal is a professor of Software Engineering at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Heldal holds an honours degree in Computer Science from Glasgow University, Scotland and a PhD in Computer Science from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.


Courses taught

Bachelor and Master level: Has taught: Modelling, Database, Java, and C++. Now teaching: Software processes. Supervised 30+ Master theses and 20+ bachelor theses.

Course structure: both traditional courses with lectures, tutorials, laboratories, and exams and more non-traditional/experimental courses with a spotlight on projects.

Teaching principle: Constructive Alignment

Research level: Seven PhD students as main supervisor and one as co-supervisor (four completed, two close to completion).

Program development: started the current Software Engineering program at Chalmers, Sweden.

Education: I have taken the Diploma of Higher Education (10 credit course) as part of my educational development. I have also published 5 educational articles.


Research areas

Current research interest: requirements engineering, software processes, modelling, architecture, cyber-physical systems, machine learning, sustainability, security, and empirical research

Research collaboration: had established collaboration with companies (30+), municipalities and the health sector. Strong collaborations, especially Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks and Ericsson, but also collaborations with many smaller companies such as Bouvet and KnowIT. Has also done research with many international researchers (100+). The research collaboration has led to several excellent publications.

Innovation: I was also a representative for Chalmers in the Vehicle ICT Arena, where our jobs were to ensure Swedish competitiveness in sustainable and safe mobility. The Vehicle IKT Arena featured many top research leaders from the automotive industry.

Research methods used: both quantitative and qualitative research. Favourite research paradigm: design science

Research leader: Has led several projects, including many companies, research institutes and municipalities. Currently a sub-project manager for SFI smart ocean at HVL.

Inspiration: psychology, philosophy, sports research and food research. Read a number of books and articles in these areas as well as a few courses.

Articles: 100+ international journal and conference articles. Not everyone is in Cristin, since I lived abroad for 30 years. I use SJR (/ and conference rank ( to produce papers in the most prestigious international places.


Research groups

Internt: Software Engineering group at the Department of Computer science, Electrical engineering and Mathematical sciences.

ISERN member: ISERN (International Software Engineering Research Network) is a community that believes that software engineering research must be conducted in an experimental context.

Sustainability network: For the past two years, led a group of international researchers looking at the need for sustainability in software engineering. We have just submitted an article.


  • Sustainability competencies and skills in software engineering: An industry perspective

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  • Sustainability in Computing Education: A Systematic Literature Review

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  • Vespidae: A Programming Framework for Developing Digital Fabrication Workflows

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  • Towards a Formal and Executable Software Architecture Specification of the Smart Ocean Data Service Platform

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  • Marine Data Observability using KPIS: An MDSE Approach

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