Associate Professor

Runald Walter Meyer

Field of work

Engineering design a systematic approach

... In psychological respects, designing is a creative activity that calls for a sound grounding in mathematics, physics, chemistry, mechanics, thermodynamics, hydrodynamics, electrical engineering, production engineering, materials technology, machine elements and design theory, as well as knowledge and experience of the domain of interest. Initiative, resolution, economic insight, tenacity, optimism and teamwork are qualities that stand all designers in good stead and are indispensable to those in responsible positions....

Pahl G. Entwurfsingenieur und Konstruktionslehre unterstuetzen die moderne Konstruktionsarbeit. Konstruktion 19 (1967) 337-344


25 years industrial experience, 18 years in my own company in the fields of product developement, engineering design, technical calculations and fluiddynamic. Developped the "random walks source model" 1997

Courses taught
  • mechanical design 1
  • mechanical design 2
  • steelconstruction
  • SAP 2000
Research areas
  • Fluiddynamics, lift and drag in ideal fluids
  • fast moving smoldering fronts
  • product developement
  • random walk modelling
  • teaching and learning
Research groups