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HGSD, H-HOV4050-4

Field of work

I am a professor in safety sciences. Currently I do research within the fields of fire and climate (WUI fires and wooden structures), active and passive fire protection, skin burns and fugitive emissions. The goal is to develop the necessary basis for better decision making for handling (or better, prevention) of potential incidents. I do both basic (fundamental) and applied research and I have good experience with curious and ambitious students in my research, i.e., PhD and MSc as well as BSc students. If this seems interesting, just get in touch. 

I have an MSc in high temperature chemistry and a PhD in high temperature heat transfer from the National Inst. of Technology/Sintef, Norway. I did research on high technology ceramics and carbon materials in Salt Lake City, Utah (Ceramatec, Inc.), and Norway (Elkem) before establishing the Norwegian fire and HSE educations in Haugesund (now part of HVL). I was for several years leader of the Department of Fire Safety and HSE Engineering and later on Dean of Engineering. In 1995, aged 34, I got the institutions first professorship, i.e., professor in safety sciences.

From 2006 to 2021, I had a full time position as an advisor in technical safety at Equinor focusing on major accident prevention, risk evaluations, corporate investigations and support in crisis situations, etc. February 2021, I was employed by Gassco as a (technical) safety specialist. All these years, I have had a 20% position at HVL, except one year when I was employed 50% by HVL for establishing the MSc in fire safety. Previously, I have supported the local police, The National Criminal Investigation Service (Kripos), insurance companies and the court system regarding suspicious fatalities and large fires, and I have been appointed by Erna Solberg (the current Prime Minister of Norway) for national investigation of fatal fires.

Link to Researchgate and publications in Cristin Level 1 and Level 2:

Courses taught
  • Supervising MSc thesis
  • Advanced Fire Dynamics (MSc)
  • Industrial Fire Safety (MSc)
Research areas
  • Fire risk and contingency impacts
  • Fire dynamics
  • Skin burns
  • Fire water efficiency
  • Passive fire protection
  • Fugitive emissions
Research groups

Selected publications