Associate Professor

Vibeke Vågenes

Courses taught

  • Geography
  • Global studies
  • Social sciences
  • Education and Sustainable Development
  • Scocial Science research methodology 

Research areas

  • Tanzania
  • Gender and Education
  • Sustainable Development
  • Implementation of new knowledge in education 


  • Education and Sustainability. Teacher students’ understanding of sustainable development after 3 months in Africa 

    Bergersen, Ane, Vågenes, Vibeke (2021)
  • Supporting the education of children with vision disturbances. Innovations in Tanzanian education

    Ludvigsen, Kari, Helgesen, Carsten Gunnar, Heldal, Ilona, Melting, Arne Jacob, Vågenes, Vibeke (2021)
  • Erfaringer fra veiledning av masterstudenter i samfunnsfagdidaktikk ved lærerutdanningen

    Rosland, Sissel, Vågenes, Vibeke (2021)
  • Panel discussion Book launch 24.11.21 Mjaaland, Thera (2021) Revolutionary Struggles and Girls’ Education. At the frontiers of Gender Norms in North-Ethiopia.

    Vågenes, Vibeke (2021)
  • Sustainable Development Goal 4: To ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all – How can the SecEd project contribute to realizing this goal?

    Vågenes, Vibeke (2021)