Associate Professor

Karin Elisabeth Sørlie Street

Field of work

In my research my primary focus is on students' learning and motivation processes, including the development of students' mathematics self-efficacy. I am interested in how teachers can support students' adaptive learning and motivation processes in the classroom, using, e.g., classroom observation as well as self-report questionnaires to investigate reciprocal relationships over time. In order to support teacher students' professional development I have created a database of videoclips from real classroom situations, which enable operationalisation of pedagogical theories into observable classroom behaviors and interactions. Furthermore, I am involved in a collaborative project with researchers at HVO and UiS where we investigate videobased feedback during teacher students' practice placement. I am also co-work-package leader for a NordForsk funded research project investigating decision making in avalanche terrain (the GUESSED project), where I have the lead on investigating pedagogical implications from new findings.