Oral exam digitally

Here students can find advice and ideas on how to take their oral exam digitally.

Subject teachers are responsible for setting up an exam room in Zoom or Teams and distributing the link to the students in Canvas.

We recommend that you use a headset or desktop microphone to ensure that your audio quality is good and stable, and we recommend that you use a separate webcam. 

Your room and face must be well lit. You must be in a quiet place so that the exam will not be disrupted.

We recommend using a wired Internet connection if possible. Ensure that your home network is not unnecessarily overloaded during the exam (streaming services, etc.). If your mobile network is good enough, it is a good idea to set up the option to connect to this from your computer as a backup solution, in case your Internet is unstable. Note that this may involve extra costs, depending on your mobile subscription package. 

Check the video quality on your computer before the exam. Set up a meeting in Zoom and check that the video is working well. Install the Zoom app on your mobile beforehand as a backup solution. If you are experiencing poor video quality, this could be because you do not have a good enough upload speed. It is a good idea to use Speedtest.net and check your upload speed. “Upload” should not be less than 1.5 Mbps.

As with all exams, you must be able to identify yourself with an approved photo ID. Have this available at the start of the exam. 

If technical issues arise during the exam, the subject teacher will invite you to a new exam at a new time.