Exams and assignments

You can find information on these pages about everything relating to exams and submitting assignments.

For the autumn 2022 the assessment form stated in the syllabus applies. The new exam (continuation exam) is generally arranged with the same assessment form as the ordinary exam in spring 2022. See information in Studentweb to what applies to you.


Remember to sign up for your examination on Studentweb. You choose English language in the pulldown menu where it says «Språk: Bokmål» and choose Høgskulen på Vestlandet (HVL) as your institution.

If you have commenced an education of 60 credits or more, you will automatically be signed up for the examination(s) when you confirm your education plan on Studentweb. It is also possible to sign up for examinations via the menu item «My active courses».

Registration is open from July 15th to September 1st, and from December 15th to February 1st. 

Information about registration and withdrawal from exams. 

When and where is my examination?

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences arranges examinations throughout the year.

After you have registered for the semester, the examination dates will be available to you in Studentweb. You will find your examination dates both under «Upcoming events» and under «My active courses». Information about the room, candidate number, assesment deadline and final assesment is available at Studentweb seven days before the exam, at the latest.

All written exams starts at. 9:00 unless something else have been communicated. Attendance, at the latest, 30 minutes before the exam starts.

Candidate number

You will find your candidate number in Studentweb. This number is used to enable anonymous marking on the exam. 

Digital examination

I need special arrangements for my examinations

You have to apply for special arrangements by February 1st in the spring semester and by September 1st in the fall semester. 

Legitimate abscence

You must submit an application in order for legitimate absence from the exam to be approved. Documentation from doctors, psychologists or other experts is normally required.

Re-sit exam

Re-sit exam is arranged if students have failed or had a valid absence from the ordinary exam. Registration deadline is September 1st and February 1st. 

You register for a new exam on Studentweb, but you must wait until the result from the last ordinary exam in the course has been published. If a re-sit exam is arranged, you will see a button marked "Take the course again" next to your result.

Information about resitting exams

I would like to see my examination result

Your result will be ready three weeks after the examination. For Master's theses, the result will be ready within six weeks. You can find your results on Studentweb under the menu item «My results».

Submission of home exams and assignments

Information about submission of home exams and assignments

Bachelor's and Master's theses

Information about Bachelor's and Master's theses

I would like to order a transcript of records

How to order your Transcript of Records.

I would like to ask for a justification and appeal my exam result

How to ask for a justification and appeal your exam result

Guidelines for prevention of cheating

it is important that you pay attention to the rules that apply, so that you avoid suspicion of cheating and plagiarism.

When referring to or reproducing material from curriculum books, other books, journal articles, own or other publications, websites or other sources, you must make a note of this in your exam submission. Make a brief note to the source in the text, as well as adding an alphabetical and complete source reference list at the end of the assignment. We recommend that you read the library's web site about good source usage when writing a paper.

For short home exams that last less than one day, it is not expected that you spend a lot of time referring to sources. But when using direct quotations, it is important that you refer to the source and follow the guidelines given by the teacher. If other instructions are not given, it is enough to write e.g. Per Knudsen, 2019 p. 45. All sources must be stated in the bibliography at the end.

Although it is not expected that you spend a lot of time on source citation, it is important that the work you hand in is your own. If the work is someone else's, it must be noted in the text and bibliography, otherwise it can be considered as plagiarism.

All home exams and assignments are sent to the text recognition program Urkund.

We ask you to pay particular attention to HVL's guidelines for prevention of cheating.


Regulations relating to studies and examinations at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences