Facilitation for examinations

If you have special needs with regard to the examinations, you can apply for facilitation. The deadline for applications is 1 September for the autumn semester and 1 February for the spring semester.

As a general rule, no exceptions are made after the application deadline unless the need for facilitation arises after the deadline or special reasons dictate it.

What type of facilitation will you receive?

Students with chronic conditions can be granted permanent facilitation measures. You will receive information in your reply letter if this applies to you. If this is the case, you won’t need to apply for facilitation or submit new documentation for the entire duration of your studies at HVL or for the period stated in the reply letter.

Examples of facilitation include:

  • Extension of time allowed for the written exams taken on campus and short at-home exams. You will normally receive an extra 10 minutes per hour, or a maximum of one hour in total, for written on-campus exams and at-home exams that are eight hours long or shorter.
  • Extension of time allowed for at-home exams, coursework and other major assignments. This is granted only in special cases, where illness or other serious circumstances mean that the student cannot work for longer periods during an exam. The length of the extension is assessed in proportion to the ordinary length of the exam.
  • Having one’s own or a smaller exam room
  • The use of a computer or other technical resources
  • Writing help, a sign language interpreter or other practical help
  • Conversion of assignments into Braille or large print
  • Reading the assignment text aloud
  • Students who are breastfeeding can apply for time to breastfeed during a written on-campus exam and during at-home exams that are eight hours long or shorter.
  • Exemption for one’s secondary language form (bokmål or nynorsk) (cf. framework plan for preschool teacher and primary and lower secondary teacher training). Any exemptions will be stated on your diploma.
  • Students whose mother tongue is not Norwegian may use a bilingual dictionary that does not include word descriptions, unless considerations with regard to the course in question do not permit this. Dictionaries will be inspected. If you have been living in Norway for less than three years, you can also apply for extension of time for the exam.

Notification of reading and writing difficulties

If you're wondering whether you have any reading or writing difficulties, you can look through this checklist.

HVL has agreements in place for how to help students with reading and writing difficulties who do not have pre-approved documentation. The report is free of charge. You will be given more information about what you need to do when you submit the application form for examination facilitation measures.

Facilitation for digital on-campus exams

For a facilitated exam with a PC and writing support programme, you will have access to spell checking in WISEflow, which works in a way similar to the spellchecker in Word. It will not be possible to use reading support resources (as Textpilot og Lingit) during the digital on-campus exam in WISEflow.

If you need to use such reading support resources for the on-campus exam, you will have to apply for this at NAV

How to apply for facilitation

The application with the documentation attached must be sent in by 1 September for the autumn semester and by 1 February for the spring semester. Documentation that clarifies your requirements for facilitation must be included with the application. If the need for facilitation arises after the deadline passes, the reason for this must be made clear in the documentation.

If you require facilitation beyond the frameworks mentioned in the regulations, you must document this in your application.

Application form (in Norwegian)


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You can find more information about the facilitation of exams in the regulation relating to studies and examinations at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, chapter 7.

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