Resitting exams

A re-sit exam will be held if a student has failed the exam or has a valid reason for missing the ordinary exam.

Rules for resit exams are regulated by the Regulations relating to studies and examinations at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.

When a student has taken a resit exam, the best grade applies.

Registration deadline

The deadline for registering for a resit exam is the same as for the ordinary exam, i.e. 1 September and 1 February.

Please note that in many cases, registration for resit exams is not available in Studentweb until the middle of August for the autumn semester and middle of January for the spring semester.

For students at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, the registration deadline is 3 weeks (21 days) before the resit exam. It is possible to register for a resit exam in Studentweb the day after the grading for the ordinary exam has been set.

At the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences on the Førde campus, in some cases resit exams will be combined with the next year group’s ordinary exam. In these cases, the ordinary registration deadline applies, i.e. 1 September for the autumn semester and 1 February for the spring semester. Sometimes, resit exams will be arranged shortly after the ordinary exam. In these cases, the registration deadline is three weeks before the date of the resit exam.

Are you entitled to a resit exam?

A re-sit exam will be held if a student has failed the exam or has a valid reason for missing the ordinary exam.

If you do not attend the ordinary exam, and do not submit a medical certificate in time, you are not entitled to have a resit exam arranged for you. However, if a resit exam is arranged for other reasons, you may register for this.

If a resit exam will not be arranged, you may then have to defer your studies. Only one ordinary and one resit exam will be held each academic year, and in some courses you will be transferred if you do not have a valid result after the resit exam. This applies even if you have a valid absence from the ordinary or resit exam.The curriculum for your study programme tells you which rules apply to you.

Appeals against grades

If you would like to resit an exam, the registration deadlines of 1 February in the spring semester and 1 September in the autumn semester apply, even if you have appealed against the grade

How do I register?

You register to resit an exam in Studentweb, but you have to wait until the result of the last ordinary exam in that course has been published. If a resit exam will be arranged, you will see a button marked “Retake course” beside your results.

Have you registered for a course on which the resit exam is split into several parts? If so, it is important for you to check your registration, and withdraw from the parts of the exam that you do not want to resit.

Information about exams in discontinued courses

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