Diplomas and transcripts of records

Digitally signed diploma and diploma supplement

In spring 2021, HVL introduced digital diplomas with digital signatures. You will receive an email from HVL when the diploma is ready, and you can download it from Studentweb and in the Diploma Registry. You can open the document in Adobe Reader, where the digital signature can be verified.

Alongside the diploma, you will receive a diploma supplement in English, which you can use when applying for studies and work abroad. It describes the course you have taken and the Norwegian education system. The digitally signed diploma and diploma supplement are only valid in digital form.

If you complete your studies within the nominal time, the diploma will be awarded automatically. If you do not complete your studies within the nominal time, you must order the diploma via this contact form.

Diplomas are only produced once. If you retake an exam after receiving a diploma certifying completion of the course, you document this from the Diploma Registry or with a transcript of records that you order in Studentweb.

Are you applying for admission to further education in Norway or abroad?

If you are applying for admission to another higher educational institution in Norway, your exam results will normally be exchanged automatically. You are personally responsible for checking whether the institution to which you are applying for admission has access to your results from HVL.

Do you want to apply for admission to a foreign educational institution or work outside Norway, and need paper versions of the diploma and diploma supplement? You can order a paper diploma via this contact form. The paper diploma will be sent to the home address that you have registered in Studentweb, so remember to keep this updated there.

Diploma Registry

The Diploma Registry is a digital, free service from which you can retrieve and share your results from higher education with potential employers and others.

When you log into the Diploma Registry, your results are retrieved directly from HVL’s database. In the Diploma Registry, you generate a link that you can easily send to the desired recipient. To see the results, the recipient must have a code.

In the Diploma Registry, you can:

  • choose which results you want to share.

  • obtain access to grades from multiple study locations if you have these.

  • decide how long you want the link to be active (up to one year), and you have the option to deactivate the link at any time.

  • generate a digitally signed PDF of your results (but this will not have the HVL logo or grading scale)

  • share the results directly in selected recruitment/job search platforms.

See explanation on the Diploma Registry’s pages. 

Transcript of records

Note that further education courses do not generate diplomas. If you need a transcript of records, you can order this through Studentweb. If you do not have an active right to study at HVL, you log in with ID-porten. 

Go to the menu option “Orders” in Studentweb and select “Digital transcript of records”. You will soon find the transcript of records under “Documents”. You can get a transcript of records in Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk or English. 

A digitally signed transcript of records is valid for as long as the certificate is valid, normally two years.  Transcripts of records with digital signatures are only valid in digital form; they are not valid if you print them on paper.  

Title of bachelor’s or master’s thesis

To ensure that the title of your bachelor’s or master’s thesis is included on your diploma, you must enter this in Studentweb yourself.

It is a good idea to give your thesis a good title, so that your diploma can provide useful and meaningful information to future employers about which topic you have specialised in.

How many credits does your individual education plan have?

The individual education plan only includes subjects that you need in order to get a degree. If you have more optional subjects or courses than those in your individual education plan, contact your course coordinator. Subjects included in your individual education plan are shown on the diploma. A transcript of records can show other subjects. 

If you do not contact us, HVL decides which subjects will be shown on your diploma. You cannot change subjects after the diploma has been produced. 

Appeals against grade of completed course

If you appeal and are given a different grade, a new diploma must be produced. You will receive an email from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences when the new digital diploma has been produced and can be downloaded. If you have received a paper diploma, you must return your diploma before the new grade is published, and a new paper diploma can then be produced. If you fail after an appeal, you will lose your degree and if relevant, your authorisation. 

Change of name

If you change your name while you are a student at HVL, you are personally responsible for documenting this in plenty of time to ensure that the correct name appears on your diploma. 


Diplomas are only printed once. If you lose your paper diploma, you may apply to the university, and for a fee, the usual procedure is for the university to print a duplicate of the diploma that was awarded. A duplicate costs NOK 1000. You can order a duplicate via our contact form. Make sure that we have your correct home address; you can update this via Studentweb. If you do not have an active right to study at HVL, you log in with ID-porten. Please be aware that it can take some time before you receive the duplicate. 

Authorisation for health professionals

If you are a qualified medical laboratory technologist, social educator, occupational therapist, radiographer, midwife or general nurse, HVL will notify the Norwegian Directorate of Health that you should have authorisation. The authorisation applies from the date you got your degree, and will be entered in the Health Personnel Register as soon as the fee has been paid. You will receive an email from Altinn with a giro number for the payment. The university arranges free intern licences for final year physiotherapy students. 

Any questions?
Get in touch with the Examinations Office, which will get back to you as quickly as possible.