Learning environment and learning support

Students who thrive, succeed. An inclusive learning environment is important for promoting the health, well-being and academic development of students.

Systematic learning environment work at HVL

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Students at HVL can participate and give feedback

What opportunities for participation and feedback do students have at HVL? Learn about student participation at HVL.

Student Ombudsman

The Student Ombudsman is an independent person who can provide assistance by advising you, as a student, on your rights in relation to conditions affecting your studies. The Student Ombudsman’s office is located on the Bergen campus in K2, room M113.

Information about the Student Ombudsman

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Useful advice and tips on how to manage your study routine

Helpful tips from Studenttinget:

  • Make a daily plan to maintain structure
  • Review the syllabus
  • Put together an activity list for the days you have to quarantine
  • Make a really good playlist on Spotify
  • Organise dinner dates over FaceTime
  • Take part in live workout sessions online
  • Call your grandparents, family and friends

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bilde av Thomas Mikkelsen

Thomas Mikkelsen

Student adviser, Stord and Haugesund

bilde av Turid Oddny Mølmesdal

Turid Oddny Mølmesdal

Student adviser, Sogndal

bilde av Stine Caroline Grimsgaard Wærenskjold

Stine Caroline Grimsgaard Wærenskjold

Student adviser, Bergen

bilde av Elisabeth Åsgard

Elisabeth Åsgard

Student adviser, Bergen