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Students who thrive, succeed. An inclusive learning environment is important for promoting the health, well-being and academic development of students. On this page, you can find information about our various advice and guidance services, as well as information about the different learning resources on offer at HVL.

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Need someone to talk to?

It is common to have to deal with challenging situations in the course of your studies. You can find someone to talk to about anything, from being homesick to stress, loneliness and your worries. Studying techniques, improving how you study and motivation to study are also topics you can get help with.

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Student counselling

Our student counselling service can help you when it comes to questions about admission, your studies, individual education plans, exams, exchange programmes and various other types of guidance you may need while you are studying with us. You can also find help with transferring any courses you have taken at other academic institutions, including grades and certificates you have already achieved. 

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Student counselling for the Faculty of Education, Arts and Sports

Student counselling for the Faculty of of Health and Social Sciences

Student counselling for the Faculty of Engineering and Science

Student counselling for the Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences and for the Maritime Operations programme

Career counselling

Our career counsellors can provide guidance and function as a discussion partner when it comes to questions regarding your studies or the path you would like to take next.

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Student Ombudsman

The Student Ombudsman is an independent person who can provide assistance by advising you, as a student, on your rights in relation to conditions affecting your studies. The Student Ombudsman’s office is located on the Bergen campus in K2, room M113.

Information about the Student Ombudsman

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bilde av Thomas Mikkelsen

Thomas Mikkelsen

Student adviser, Stord and Haugesund

bilde av Turid Oddny Mølmesdal

Turid Oddny Mølmesdal

Student adviser, Sogndal

bilde av Stine Caroline Grimsgaard Wærenskjold

Stine Caroline Grimsgaard Wærenskjold

Student adviser, Bergen

bilde av Elisabeth Åsgard

Elisabeth Åsgard

Student adviser, Bergen