Systematic learning environment work at HVL

Here are a few examples of how HVL is working strategically with the learning environment as a whole.

Quality Conference

The Quality Conference is an annual conference at HVL which discusses education quality and learning environments. We also give out HVL’s education quality prizes to individuals or research groups who have made a significant contribution to developing the quality of the education at HVL.

Here are a few summarised tips from the conference:

  • More student-active learning on campus
  • Information sent out to students via just a few, clear channels.
  • Discussion time after classes – lecturer is available by setting aside time for informal conversation. A quarter of an hour before or after class can also be sett aside to create a meeting place, both digitally and on campus. This can help to get a view of those students who are struggling and get important input about the learning environment.
  • Study life structure: HVL should establish discussion groups so that all students are able to take part. HVL should therefore help to organise meeting points where students can do subject work and get to know one another.

Previous winners of the Education Quality Prize at HVL:

2020: Irina Pavlova was awarded the Education Quality Prize for 2020

2019: Katrine Aasekjær was awarded the Education Quality Prize for 2019

See padlets from the different campuses here (in norwegian)

Action plan for inclusive learning environments at HVL 2020-2024

Action plan for inclusive learning environments at HVL 2020-2024 has been adopted by LMU and builds on the principle of universal design as a strategy for an inclusive learning environment. The plan addresses various learning environment measures and is a strategic investment in the overall learning environment at HVL.

You can read the action plan here (in norwegian)

The plan contains some useful resources and tips on working with the different areas. 

Learning Environment Committee at HVL

The learning environment covers all aspects which affect the health, safety and welfare of students. The learning environment committee is responsible for ensuring that HVL has an inclusive learning environment, and in particular for universal design. It is responsible for ensuring the best possible learning environment for students with special needs and disabilities.

You can read more about LMU here.

Learning environments and quality work

Administrative management at the faculties and joint administration units are responsible for preparing process descriptions, as well as follow-up and improvement of processes to ensure that HVL maintains a good quality of administrative support functions that affect the learning environment, by ensuring necessary competency, efficient processes and good information systems.

See framework and quality assurance system for educational programmes