Bachelor’s and master’s theses

Bachelor’s and master’s theses must be submitted in WISEflow.


You can find information here about submitting home exams and assignments.

Front page 

For bachelor’s and master’s theses, you must complete a separate front page that will be the first page of the thesis. As a general rule, you must enter your name on the front page, but some study programmes have an anonymity requirement. If this applies to your programme, your supervisor will inform you. See information about candidate number here.  

Thesis title on your diploma 

To ensure that the title of your bachelor’s or master’s thesis is included on your diploma, you must enter this in Studentweb yourself. 

It is a good idea to give your thesis a good title, so that your diploma can provide useful and meaningful information to future employers about which topic you have specialised in.  


Bachelor’s and master’s theses must be written in the language that is most relevant to the content of the thesis and the practical circumstances of the particular student. Theses that are written in Norwegian must have a summary in English or another relevant foreign language. Theses that are written in a non-Scandinavian language must have a brief summary in Norwegian or a Scandinavian language. There may be exceptions to this in degrees given only in English.

Supervision contracts and guidelines

Deadlines for the submission of master's theses

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

Ordinary submission 

15 May and 1 December 

Delayed submission 

31 August 

Guidelines for delayed submission of master’s thesis 

Faculty of Technology, Environmental and Social Sciences

Ordinary submission

20 May June and 20 December

There may be exceptions for collaborative master’s degrees involving other educational institutions. 

Guidelines for delayed submission of master’s thesis

Faculty of Education, Arts and Sports

Ordinary submission 

15 May and 15 November 

Master’s in Creative Disciplines and Learning Processes – deadline 1 June. 

Delayed submission 

15 September and 15 February 

Guidelines for delayed submission of master’s thesis. 

Publication of theses

Do you want to make your bachelor’s or master’s thesis accessible to others? We offer publication in HVL Open.


If your thesis will involve a questionnaire, you can you use the SurveyXact tool.

Extension of time

If you need an extension of time for your bachelor’s or master’s thesis, you must send an application to

You must always obtain clearance from your supervisor if you do not deliver by the scheduled time.

Extensions of time for master’s or bachelor’s theses will only be granted in special cases; up to two weeks or until the next semester’s deadline for submission. Extensions by one semester will only be granted twice, cf. Regulations relating to studies and examinations Section 7-5 (8)

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