Absence from exams

If you cannot take an exam due to illness, you must submit documentation of the illness no later than one week after the exam. If you submit this documentation in time, you will not use up one of your examination attempts, and you can register for the exam at the next opportunity.

Documentation Requirements

Illness must be documented with a certificate from a doctor, psychologist or other expert. It must be clear from the medical certificate that you cannot complete the exam or submission due to illness and the time period for which this applies.

The certificate must state that it has been issued in connection with an absence for an assessment at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, and that the absence applies to a specific day or days.

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Some courses have progression requirements. This means that you must pass a subject in order to continue your studies for the next semester. You must then pass a new exam in order to continue your studies until next year. You can see in your study plan whether there are progression requirements for your course.

Information about resitting exams.

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