Facilitation for conditions affecting your studies

Students with disabilities and special needs can apply for facilitation for conditions affecting their studies.

The right to facilitation is based on the act relating to universities and university colleges section 4-3(5) and is specified in the regulations relating to studies and examinations at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, ch. 7. No facilitation measures may cause a delay in the academic requirements of the study programme, and the facilitation shall be limited to measures that are not unreasonably resource-intensive for the institution.


The deadline to apply for facilitation for either teaching or examinations is 1 September or 1 February, or as soon as the need for facilitation arises (cf. section 7 of the regulation).

What can you apply for?

Facilitation of teaching:

  • Facilitation of compulsory learning activities/requirements for work section 7-4

Facilitation for conditions affecting your studies: 

  • Resources for teaching-related facilitation measures section 7-3
  • Reserved reading places or offices for students with special needs with regard to the facilities offered in the room such as special furniture or screens (section 7-7)

When you apply for facilitation, you must include documentation with the application that explains the type of facilitation measures required. If the need for facilitation arises after the deadline passes, the reason for the application must be made clear in the documentation. Documentation of a special need for facilitation must be signed by a doctor, psychologist or other expert.

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