Academic contact persons at Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences

Here you will find a list of academic contact persons at Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences. The academic contact persons are responsible for the academic program for students who go on exchange, and act as first approvers for the pre-approval form. Academic contact person applies to all campuses, unless otherwise specified.

Department of Business Administration

Bachelor in Business Administration (Haugesund)
Tone Merete Brekke

Bachelor in Business Administration (Bergen)
Ole Jakob Bergfjord

Bachelor in Business Administration (Sogndal)
Mona Nytun

Bachelor in Real Estates Management
Ingunn Skjelbreidalen

Bachelor in Tourism and Travel Management
Helene Maristuen

Bachelor in Economy and Law
Mona Nytun

Bachelor in Nature and Tourism
Kristin Løseth

Master in Innovation and Management
Kristin Lofthus Hope

Master of Science in business
Ove Oklevik

Department of Social Science

Bachelor in Sociology and Sociology of Youth
Roger Hestholm

Bachelor in History
Oddmund Løkensgard Hoel

Master in Organization and Leadership
Olina Kollbotn


Department of Maritime Studies

Bachelor in Nautical Science
Lena Økland Stølås

Bachelor in Maritime management
Lena Økland Stølås

Master in Maritime Operations
Lena Økland Stølås

PhD Programme in Nautical Operation
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