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Charles University in Prague, First Faculty of Medicine

Charles University is located in Prague and is one of the world’s oldest universities. Nearly 50,000 students attend this university, including around 7000 international students. The Mental Health Research group on Campus Bergen has been collaborating with colleagues at the First Faculty of Medicine at Charles University for many years. The focus of the research is on mental health issues and stigma.


This is an Erasmus + agreement. As an Erasmus student, you will be participating in the world’s largest exchange programme and can study at good European universities without paying tuition. Through Erasmus+, you will be given an extra grant that provides more money to enjoy your stay.


B2 in English is required to study at this university.

Everyone participating in an Erasmus+ exchange programme must take an online language test online before they travel, and they will be given access to a language course through this service. The Division of Research, Internationalisation and Innovation (AFII) will inform you of this test in advance.

If you can document that part of the study takes place in Czech, you may receive a grant from the State Educational Loan Fund, Norway for a 4-week language course to be taken in the Czech Republic prior to the start of the semester.


You will not be paying tuition at this institution and will receive the Erasmus+ grant in addition to a grant from the State Educational Loan Fund, Norway. You will receive the same financial support from the State Educational Loan Fund, Norway as for studies in Norway, in addition to a travel grant. You must pay a semester fee to HVL in order to receive a loan and grant from the State Educational Loan Fund, Norway during the exchange period.

Course approval

In order to apply for a student exchange programme, your application must first be approved by the study programme of your faculty. An approved application means that you have been given an academic pre-approval for the course or traineeship you will be doing abroad. The academic pre-approval specifies what you will be doing while you are on an exchange programme and confirms these activities will be fully approved as part of your education plan at HVL.

What can I study?

PhD Programme in Health, Function and Participation

Students who have been admitted to the PhD programme in Health, Function and Participation may do a research stay at this institution for up to one semester. Speak with your advisor and PhD coordinator to find out when it would be best to go.

Master's Programme in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Care

Students who are doing a master’s programme in MA-PHA may do an exchange programme at Charles University during their studies. Contact the academic contact person for more information.